1.    Why should I choose Do Guatemala?
Traveling to Guatemala with us is safe, reliable and convenient. We offer all the services that Guatemala offers, under one roof. You can make all possible combinations. Another advantage is the expertise we have about Guatemala, combining the knowledge of a Guatemalan and Dutch owner. We only work with local providers, which make the prices very accessible. And as we are located in Guatemala, for any need or emergency you might have, we are there! Do Guatemala also supports local organizations by handing in part of our income with the volunteers as a donation for their project.  

2.    Can I use the inquiry form for information without commitments?
Absolutely. Our inquiry form is very useful to determine your interests, in order to make a suitable proposal for you. You are not committed to anything until you approve your itinerary and you choose to make the payment for your trip. 

3.    How long in advance do I need to make reservations?
We recommend you to make your reservation at least 1 month on beforehand. Especially for hotel reservations, we need your reservation as soon as possible. However, if necessary, we can also accept last minute reservations (but no guarantees on availability). 

4.    How do you accept my payment, is this safe?
You can pay your travel fee through Paypal. This is a worldwide acknowledge payment method, and 100% safe for using your creditcard. If you have problems with the payments, please contact us to find another solution. Dutch travelers can make a direct transaction to our ING account without any extra costs.

5.    For who is the registration fee?
The registration fee applies to all our clients who book a language course, volunteer work or a combination of services. If you only book up to three tours, you don´t need to pay the registration fee.

6.    Do you offer group discounts?
We don´t offer discounts for groups of friends, or families. But if you have a group of 12 people or more, contact us for the possibilities. 

7.    I only want to book a volcano hike with transportation, is this possible?
Yes, of course. You can make a reservation for any service you want, mentioned on our website. There is no minimum of services you need to book, everything is possible.

8.    How can I reach you in case of emergency?
In the Contact section, you can find all the necessary information to reach us. If you are in Quetzaltenango, we can even help you out on location. 

9.    Can I meet you in Quetzaltenango?
Yes, we would love to meet you! Let us know when you are in Quetzaltenango, and we can meet at our office or at any place. 

10.    Is knowledge of Spanish necessary to travel in Guatemala?
In tourist areas, it’s possible that English is spoken, but the more local and remote, the less English you will find, so some basic Spanish will be very useful then. Also, knowing some Spanish will make your experience different, as you will be able to interact with the local people without language limitations.

11.    Can I travel to Guatemala with children?
Guatemala generally is a very suitable destination for children. Tours, transportation and language courses for example are all accessible for children. In case of (volcano) hikes and volunteering, we will advise you what is best to do, as not all of these activities are suitable for children. 

12.    Are tours offered all year round?
Yes, all services we offer on the website are offered year round. Some tours, for example rafting, are only offered in certain times of the year.

13.    What is the best time to travel to Guatemala?
The best time to travel to Guatemala is probably between November and April. That is the dry season in Guatemala. Keep in mind that the temperatures in the highlands can drop significantly at night during these months however. Between May and October, we have rainy season in Guatemala, but it can dffer per area, and the rain also makes the climate softer.

14.    Are there other volunteer positions then the ones on the website?
Yes, Guatemala offers many other volunteer positions. We have made a selection for our website, but we would be more than happy to match you with another organization that suits your interests.

15.    Do you offer travel insurances?
Yes, we offer travel insurances for all nationalities traveling to Guatemala. Read about it here