Do Guatemala & Covid-19

Do Guatemala is ready to receive visitors again! Since September 2020, the borders and airport are open for international travelers, and the industry has worked very hard to get back into business while safeguarding traveler´s health and safety.

We have been certified with the official Stamp for Biosafety, issued by the Guatemalan Tourism Board, which we obtained by meeting a long list of requirements. Our travel services all meet the requirements of biosafety, so you can travel safely!

Do Guatemala is in full operation, receiving volunteers and travelers. We have worked on the following travel guidelines and conditions. Please read them carefully.

Arrival in Guatemala – requirements

Guatemala has released almost all entry requirements. In order to arrive at airport La Aurora of Guatemala City, it´s necessary to meet the following requirements:

– It is recommend, but not mandatory, to present proof that you received a Covid-vaccin

A covid test is not required.

– We strongly suggest you to travel with a travel insurance that includes medical coverage, including coverage for Covid-19 treatment if possible. Send a copy of your policy and contact information to

– Before traveling, provide us with your detailed flight itinerary and emergency contacts.

– Within Guatemala, it is not mandatory to wear a face mask. But it is strongly suggested that you use it when you are in inside public venues, or in busy outside areas.

– Organized airport pickup by Do Guatemala (and our reliable staff) to your first destination is mandatory.

By confirming your trip, you release Do Guatemala from any liability related to Covid-19 infections in-country. 

Arrival in Belize 

Belize is open! The government has decided to remove all public health measures at the points of entry in Belize (land and sea).

Booking conditions

As per January 1st 2023, we will return to the usual Terms & Conditions, to be found here: 


Guatemala will wait for you with open arms!


* Last update: January 4th 2023