Do Guatemala & Covid-19

Do Guatemala is ready to receive visitors again! Since September 2020, the borders and airport are open for international travelers, and the industry has worked very hard to establish protocols in order to get back into business while safeguarding traveler´s health and safety.

We have been certified with the official Stamp for Biosafety, issued by the Guatemalan Tourism Board, which we obtained by meeting a long list of requirements. Our travel services all meet the requirements of biosafety, so you can travel safely!

Do Guatemala is in full operation, receiving volunteers and travelers. We have worked on the following travel guidelines and conditions. Please read them carefully.

Arrival in Guatemala – requirements
In order to arrive at airport La Aurora of Guatemala City, it´s necessary to meet the following requirements:

– Arrival into the country with a negative Covid-19 PCR or Antigen test in hand. The time-lapse between taking the test and boarding the plane to Guatemala can´t be longer than 72 hours. Bring it printed. *government requirement
OR If you have been fully vaccinated, you should bring proof that you received both doses, having received the last dosis at least 2 weeks before traveling.
– If you are unable to arrive with a previously realized test, there is also testing available at the airport. The test costs $25 / Q200, paid by the tourist in cash or with creditcard. If you test positive and you are not a resident of Guatemala, you will not be able to enter the country. You have to wait for the results at the airport. This option is not recommended.
– As soon as you receive your PCR/antigen test result, certified diagnose or proof of vaccination, send a copy to
– We strongly suggest you to travel with a travel insurance that includes medical coverage, including coverage for Covid-19 treatment if possible. Send a copy of your policy and contact information to
– Before traveling, sign the provided waiver form to release Do Guatemala from any liability related to Covid-19 infections in-country (will be provided by email).
– Before traveling, provide us with your detailed flight itinerary and emergency contacts.
– Within Guatemala, it is mandatory to wear a mask at all times when being outside of your hotel room / host family. *government requirement
– Organized airport pickup by Do Guatemala (and our reliable staff) to your first destination is mandatory.

Arrival in Belize – requirements (coming from Guatemala as part of the itinerary)

The country of Belize has opened its international borders for travelers, and we are able to offer services in Belize, respecting the protocols established by their government.

The land borders (Western border Guatemala-Belize and Northern border Belize-Mexico) are open from 6:00am to 10:00pm.

The sea borders (Chetumal, Punta Gorda) are open from 6:00am to 4:00pm.

These are the current requirements:

  • Coming from Guatemala over land, you can enter Belize with your vaccination card. Non-vaccinated travelers need to do a mandatory Covid test at the border. No external tests are accepted. Tests have a cost of USD $50 and can be paid in cash (US or Belize dollars) or credit card.
  • As from Feb. 15th 2022, all Foreign Tourists entering Belize will be required to purchase travel health insurance. This can be arranged here: It is recommended to arrange this before traveling, but it´s also available at the international airport, and the Guatemala-Belize border. The cost is $18.
  • Wear a mandatory facemask in public indoor spaces


Please note; when you travel back from Belize into Guatemala, you have to meet the Guatemala requirements again (being vaccinated or present a negative test).

Information and FAQ´s can be found here:

For travelers
We will continue to offer the customized itineraries with the excellent service that you know from us. The majority of the hotels we work with are operating under the new protocols. Also the majority of attractions such as national parks and natural attractives are open to the public again, and operating under the established protocols.

As for transportation, there is the option for private transportation (which is preferable), and collective services are mostly available with a 50% maximum capacity and corresponding protocols.

For volunteers

It would be a pleasure to receive volunteers in Guatemala. Some volunteer projects have remained operational during the crisis, some have closed their doors temporarily. Please contact us to confirm the status of your preferred volunteer project.
You are welcome to volunteer in public health clinics, but this is not offered in combination with a homestay, but only with hotel accommodation.

Most of our host families are ready to receive volunteers, which is a great gesture of our well-known Guatemalan hospitality. However, it is important that volunteers respect the family´s home and health more than ever. The family might have their own additional way of protecting themselves, you are expected to accept and follow these when staying in their house.
It is important to have an inmaculate personal higiene (bring enough clothes to wash them frequently, always carry hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes, and keep the social distance in mind). We also ask that you wear your mask at the project, in addition to a facial protector.
Social activities / nightlife should be reduced as much as possible to protect yourself, your host family and your volunteer project.

Weekend trips are allowed, if organized by Do Guatemala with our reliable providers.

Booking conditions
We know that these times require more flexibility, and we want to be transparent to our clients about the booking conditions. Therefore we have detailed the following.

– After mutual agreement on the itinerary, an immediate downpayment of 25% is required to confirm your trip, so we can start with the preparations.
– The remaining 75% of the total travel sum is paid not later than 1 month before the date of arrival into Guatemala.

Cancellations until 5 days before traveling
– If you are in need of canceling your trip more than 5 days before the travel date, the travel sum is 100% refundable. Please note that all costs of money transfers run for the client´s expense, so the reimbursement might be less that what you originally paid.

Cancellations less than 5 days before traveling, or while being in-country
Trip ending due to illness, accidents, personal reasons
– If you are already in the country, and in the need to cancel or end your trip earlier than planned due to illness, accidents or personal reasons, there will be no reimbursement of the remaining services.

Trip ending due to force majeur or related to Covid-19
– If you are already in the country, and in the need to end your trip earlier than planned due to unforeseen Covid-19 situations such as border closures or airport closures, we will try to reimburse you for a part of the remaining services.
We pay our providers as close to the service date as posible, for your benefit. Services that have not been paid yet by Do Guatemala to providers are eligible for reimbursement. Services that have already been paid to providers (even if the service is not consumed yet), are not eligible for reimbursement as we will not ask for reimbursements from our providers.

Assistance / unforeseen situations / preliminary trip ending
Do Guatemala offers our clients a 24/7 in-country assistance . We are located in Quetzaltenango, but if you are elsewhere in the country, our phonenumbers are always available. If you need special assistance, we can help you in the following ways:
– Personal assistance in Quetzaltenango
– 24/7 phone / Whatsapp assistance elsewhere in the country

In case of a medical emergency, we will guide you towards the best medical facility in your area. Costs for additional transportation, accommodation or hospitalization run for the client´s expense and should be claimed to your travel insurance.

What to do if I need quarantine or if I get infected with Covid-19 during my trip?
We will help you with finding a suitable accommodation to complete quarantine if necessary. If you need hospitalization, we will assist you with finding the most suitable medical facility to attend you. The Guatemalan health system counts with free temporary hospitals to attend Covid-19 patients, in various locations in the country. There is also an ample network of good private health care, where Covid-19 is treated. These hospitals can be quite expensive, and you are responsable for paying the full hospital bill. The costs can be claimed to your travel insurance afterwards if you have the right coverage.
Additional services that are required outside of your planned itinerary (for example private transportation to the hospital) can be arranged by Do Guatemala, but will run for the client´s expense.

Do Guatemala is applying for the Biosafety Stamp provided by Inguat (the Guatemalan Tourism Board), to which is attached the Safe Travels Stamp, provided by WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council).

Other important notes:

– These conditions are valid instead of the regular conditions stated on our website.
– Valid from November 1st 2020, until further notice.
– Changes in the booking conditions will be announced here and might be applied without previous notice, depending on the situation concerning Covid-19.
– Do Guatemala is not involved in the process of booking flight tickets, and we are not responsable for flight changes. We will assist you however we can if necessary as part of our service.
– Situations or scenarios that are not described above, will be evaluated on an individual basis and Do Guatemala will take a suitable but binding decision.
– These conditions are carefully thought through to offer a fair treat to all involved parties, including the client, Do Guatemala and the service providers.

Guatemala will wait for you with open arms!


* Last update: March 17th 2022